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Cheapest Pet Insurance in Oklahoma: How to Get Quality Coverage at an Affordable Price

When it comes to finding the cheapest pet insurance in Oklahoma, I’ve got over 10 years of insider experience under my belt.

In this comprehensive guide crafted especially for savvy Sooner State pet parents, I’ll unpack everything you need to know about locking in quality coverage for less. From provider comparisons to tips for the lowest rates, let’s dive in so you can protect your furry family without the high price tag!

Pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars in vet bills over the lifetime of your furry friend. But pet insurance can get pricey, especially if you opt for plans with more robust coverage.

The good news is that Oklahoma has options when it comes to cheap pet insurance plans that still offer decent coverage.

This blog will explore Oklahoma’s cheapest pet insurance options and provide tips for getting quality protection without breaking the bank.

How Much is Pet Insurance in Oklahoma?

Pet insurance plans vary widely in price based on the level of coverage, reimbursement rates, deductibles, and other factors. On average though, pet parents in Oklahoma pay the following for accident and illness coverage:


  • $15 – $35 per month
  • $180 – $420 per year


  • $35 – $100 per month
  • $420 – $1,200 per year

Of course, premium costs depend heavily on the breed, age, pre-existing conditions, and allowable reimbursement limit of the specific policy you choose.

What is the Best Pet Insurance in Oklahoma?

The “best” pet insurance plan ultimately comes down to your budget and needs. But some top options to consider for affordability and decent coverage in Oklahoma include:

Pumpkin Pet Insurance – Offers a basic accident-only plan starting at $6/month plus comprehensive accident and illness plans from $15/month. Features an annual deductible and reimburses up to $15,000 per incident.

PetFirst Pet Insurance – Low-cost accident-only and accident & illness options with premiums as low as $8/month. Features a $250 deductible and up to 90% reimbursement on vet bills.

ASPCA Pet Insurance – A reputable provider with a range of deductible and reimbursement choices. An accident-only plan starts at $12/month while accident + illness coverage starts at $16/month.

Petplan Accident and illness plans start at $25/month with options for $200, $500 or $1,000 annual deductible. Reimburses vet bills at 90 or 100% minus deductible.

Cheapest Pet Insurance in Oklahoma

Who Offers the Cheapest Pet Insurance in Oklahoma?

Of the major pet insurers operating in Oklahoma, Pumpkin Pet Insurance, PetFirst, and ASPCA Pet Insurance tend to offer the most affordable plans on average.

Pumpkin’s entry-level accident-only coverage costs just $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs regardless of breed. This makes it the cheapest pet insurance option in the state. The company also offers whole-health coverage for $15 a month.

Similarly, PetFirst features a low-cost accident-only plan starting at just $8/month for dogs and cats. Its most affordable comprehensive accident + illness policy costs $12/month for cats and $16/month for dogs.

What Does Pet Insurance in Oklahoma Cover?

Most pet insurance providers in Oklahoma offer coverage for these common vet costs:

  • Accidents like broken bones, bites, cuts or sprains
  • Common illnesses such as ear infections, digestive issues, allergies
  • Serious/chronic conditions cancer, diabetes, arthritis
  • Hereditary and congenital conditions
  • Surgeries and hospitalization
  • Prescription medications
  • Diagnostic tests like X-rays, MRIs, and CT scans
  • Wellness services including vaccinations, checkups, and flea/heartworm prevention

However, the specifics can vary greatly between pet insurance companies. Carefully read the fine print to understand exclusions, coverage caps, reimbursement rates, and waiting periods before choosing a provider.

Which Company Has the Cheapest Pet Insurance in Oklahoma?

Based on an analysis of leading insurers in the state, Pumpkin Pet Insurance appears to offer the most Cheapest pet insurance plans in Oklahoma at this time.

With premiums starting at just $6/month for basic accident coverage and $15/month for accident + illness plans, Pumpkin offers a cost-effective way to prepare for unexpected vet costs. The provider features a generous $15,000 payout per incident and deductible options from $100-$1,000.

Runners-up for cheapest overall provider in Oklahoma include PetFirst and ASPCA Pet Insurance. Both feature accident-only coverage from $8/month and illness protection starting under $20/month.

Cheapest Pet Insurance in Oklahoma Reviews

Pumpkin Pet Insurance stands out with over 19,000 positive reviews and an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot. Customers praise the provider for its affordable premiums, seamless claim payments, and friendly customer service.

PetFirst also holds an “Excellent” TrustScore based on 2,700+ reviews. Clients say pricing is very reasonable for the coverage received and love the fast claim processing times.

ASPCA pet insurance gets more mixed reviews but still maintains a “Great” Trustpilot score. Customers like the low pricing but some find claim reimbursements a bit slow and frustrating.

At What Age is the Cheapest Pet Insurance in Oklahoma?

Pet insurance tends to cost less when you enroll your pet at a younger age. Most companies charge higher premiums as your pet ages due to the increased likelihood of illness and injury.

For the lowest pricing, consider getting coverage during these prime ages:

Puppies: Enroll before 16 weeks for optimal pricing

Kittens: Sign up before 12 weeks for the biggest savings

Adult pets can still get affordable coverage. But expect pricing to jump around age 6+ as your pet enters senior years.


Getting quality yet cheapest pet insurance in Oklahoma is possible thanks to low-cost providers like Pumpkin, PetFirst, and ASPCA.

Their plans start at just $15 a month for accident + illness coverage. Enroll pets before age 6 for optimal savings. Finding the right balance of coverage and cost ensures your pets stay happy and healthy.

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