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Pet Insurance in Montana in 2024

Introduction to Pet Insurance in Montana

Hi, I am Donal, today we are talking about Pet Insurance in Montana.

Pet insurance helps dog and cat owners cover the costs of veterinary care, including injuries, illnesses, surgery, prescriptions, and more. It protects owners against the often high and unexpected costs of caring for a sick or injured pet.

As veterinary medicine continues to advance, the costs of care are rising. This makes pet insurance increasingly beneficial for pet parents who want to provide excellent care for their furry family members.

Pet Ownership Statistics in Montana

According to the 2021-2022 National Pet Owners Survey, 68% of American households own a pet. This equates to around 90 million homes with pets across the country.

In Montana specifically, it’s estimated that 63% of households include at least one dog or cat. As pet ownership increases, so does the demand for veterinary care and pet insurance.

Cost of Pet Care

As veterinary medicine progresses, treatments are becoming more advanced and costs are rising. Surgical procedures, chronic illness treatment, and even regular preventative care can get expensive, sometimes costing pet owners thousands of dollars.

For example, a simple broken leg can cost upwards of $2,000 to treat, while cancer treatment often exceeds $10,000. Few pet owners are prepared for these high costs.

Benefits of Pet Insurance

Pet insurance can be precious by covering unexpected vet costs and providing preventative care coverage. Some key benefits include:

Covering Unexpected Costs

The primary benefit of pet insurance is covering costs in the event of unforeseen injuries or illnesses that require expensive treatments. This protects owners from the shock of hefty vet bills. Most plans cover diagnostic testing, surgeries, hospitalization, and more.

This safety net allows owners to focus fully on their pet getting better rather than stressing about affordability.

Preventative Care Coverage

Many pet insurance plans include coverage for regular preventative veterinary care like annual exams, vaccinations, heartworm prevention, and teeth cleanings.

This allows owners to maintain their pet’s health without paying huge costs out-of-pocket. Catching health issues early leads to better outcomes.

Customizable Plans

Pet insurance offers different types of plans with varying levels of coverage. Owners can usually customize details like reimbursement percentages, annual limits, and deductibles to meet their needs and budget. This flexibility helps make comprehensive care more attainable for pets.

Top Pet Insurance Providers in Montana

Some top pet insurance providers in Montana include:


PetFirst offers comprehensive accident and illness coverage with a choice of reimbursement amounts up to 90%. They have helpful tools like an insurance calculator and a free pet helpline. Their plans also include preventative care options.


The ASPCA provides both accident-only and more comprehensive accident and illness plans. Their plans have no caps on claim payouts and low $250 deductibles. They offer customizable coverage and reimbursement ranging from 70% to 90%.


Pumpkin Pet Insurance is known for its convenient mobile app which makes filing claims and payments easy. Their plans include all standard medical issues as well as additional coverage for hereditary conditions. Pumpkin offers predictable pricing with set reimbursement amounts.

What to Look for in a Pet Insurance Plan

Pet Insurance in Montana

When choosing a pet insurance provider in Montana, consider aspects like:

Type of Coverage

Accident-only plans cover injuries like broken bones while accident and illness plans also cover conditions like ear infections, allergies, digestive issues, and cancer. Look for comprehensive accident and illness plans to be fully protected.

Reimbursement Amounts

Most providers reimburse 70% to 90% of eligible vet bills after the deductible is met. Higher reimbursement percentages reduce out-of-pocket costs for policyholders.


Understand any exclusions like pre-existing conditions or hereditary diseases. Also, confirm if there are any caps on claim payout amounts that can provide less long-term coverage.

Deductibles and Copays

Lower annual deductibles and copays require less money paid out-of-pocket per incident. Initial costs will still apply but will be partially covered by insurance.

Laws Regarding Pet Insurance in Montana

Though pet insurance is still an emerging industry, Montana does have some relevant legislation. These include:


There are no state mandates requiring Montana residents to purchase pet insurance. All plans are optional. However, landlords and property owners may require renters to carry plans.


Pet insurance providers operating in Montana must follow the state’s insurance code and regulations. This helps protect consumers from predatory policies and business practices. All policy documents must transparently disclose coverage terms, rates, and exclusions.

Pet Insurance Trends for 2024

Looking ahead, the pet insurance industry is positioned for even more growth. Some developments to expect include:

Increasing Enrollment Rates

Industry groups forecast pet insurance enrollment to increase by 10% to 15% by 2024 as more pet owners become aware of its benefits. More affordable pricing as competition increases also contributes to this trend.

More Comprehensive Plans

To attract customers, insurers will begin offering more robust policies covering additional services like behavioral therapies and alternative treatments. This expands the care options for insured pets.

Advances in Telehealth Veterinary Services

Video vet consultations and online prescription renewals will become more prominent. This makes care more convenient for insured pets while containing costs for providers. More plans will include direct coverage for telehealth services.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Pet insurance can significantly reduce pet owners’ financial burden and stress when a beloved pet gets hurt or sick. As veterinary costs rise, pet insurance becomes more critical for responsible pet parents in Montana who want to safeguard their furry family and budget.

Comparing providers, coverage options, reimbursement rates, and pricing models allows consumers to find the optimal plan to protect their pets. With advances on the horizon, 2024 looks to be an excellent year for pet owners to get insured.


What percentage of pet owners carry pet insurance?

Currently only about 1% – 3% of American pet owners carry insurance policies for their pets. But the market is rapidly expanding.

What is the average cost of pet insurance in Montana?

Depending on factors like the age/breed of the pet and selected coverage/deductible, average monthly costs range from $30 – $70 in Montana. Most policies cost between $500 – $600 per year.

What pet expenses does insurance not cover?

Most providers exclude pre-existing conditions, elective/cosmetic treatments, and breed-specific genetic issues. Some plans also do not cover exam fees, grooming, or pet foods/vitamins.

Is pet insurance worth the cost?

For most pet owners, insuring their pets pays dividends by covering unexpected vet costs which often reach thousands of dollars. Just one major incident can exceed multiple years of policy payments.

What is the difference in types of pet insurance providers?

Insurers fall into three primary categories: traditional insurance companies, ASPCA/humane society brands that self-underwrite, and providers working with an insurance company to sell policies. All types usually offer comparable coverage.

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